Top Shipping Companies for Diploma in Nautical Science and BSc Placements & Sponsorship in Indian Maritime Institutes

A journey towards a maritime profession in Indian Maritime Institutes and Top Shipping Companies for Diploma in Nautical Science as placement partners is an access to great opportunities, especially engaging in deck cadet placements and sponsoring via DNS. The blog will take you through the world of maritime, some shipping companies that have partnered with Indian Maritime Institutes for DNS placements and sponsorships. This article is meant to help those who are interested in this field understand it better by highlighting some possible routes one can take when considering marine careers as well as where they might lead before looking at top employers of such highly skilled personnel as offshore hands or engineers on board modern vessels like jack-ups.

Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune

  1. Fleet Management
  2. Gulf Energy Maritime Services
  3. Maersk
  4. Mitsui OSK Lines
  5. MSC
  6. Nortrans
  7. Scorpio Marine Management
  8. Tolani Shipping
  9. TORM
  10. United Ocean
  11. V-Ships
  12. Wallem Ship Management
  13. Wilhelmsen Ship Management

AMET University, Chennai

  1. MSC
  2. Fleet Management
  3. Maersk
  4. V-Ships
  5. Wallem Ship Management
  6. K Line Ship Mgt
  7. Western Shipping
  8. DHL
  9. Anglo Eastern
  10. BW Martime
  11. BDP International
  12. HCL
  13. NOL
  14. Mitsuir OSK Lines
  15. Maersk
  16. SeaTeam Mgt
  17. L&T
  18. Shell

TS Rehman

  1. Maersk Tanker
  2. Kline
  3. Fleet Management
  4. Seaspan
  5. Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Great Eastern

  1. Wallem Ship Management
  2. Fleet Management
  3. TORM
  4. MSC
  5. The Great Eastern Shipping Company
  6. Seaspan Ship Management
  7. Scorpio Ship Management India Pvt. Ltd.
  8. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  9. Goodwood Shipmanagement
  10. Marshal Ship Management
  11. D’Amico Ship Ishima India Pvt. Ltd.
  12. NYK Shipmanagement
  13. World Tankers Management PTE LTD

International Maritime Institute (IMI)

  1. Maersk Line
  2. Maersk Tanker
  3. MSC
  4. Fleet Management
  5. PIL
  6. Dockendale
  7. Synergy
  8. VR Maritime
  9. V- Group
  10. Dynacom


In summary, the maritime industry’s partnership with Indian Maritime Institutes is a potential avenue for those who wish to sail into a rewarding career on the sea. Aspirants can refer to the comprehensive outline of top shipping companies’ involvement in DNS placements and sponsorship, which would serve as a useful guide through their maze of career choices. It is clear that when it comes to marine profession changes take place every second and we have to flow with it but also manage our own way through the rough ways. The educational institutions synergies with industry leaders are establishing path success into the sea sailing world as we negotiate different tidal movements in maritime professionals. With an understanding of these critical associations, young mariners can steer confidently towards prosperous careers at the helms of major shipping firms. There are countless possibilities but with proper leading one can find his way into successful life in maritime field that makes sense.